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Re: hald/dbus Question

Thomas H. George wrote:

> Stick with my Debian Lenny 64 bit system but run the Ubuntu 32 bit
> system as a chroot.  I can reboot to Ubuntu and then reboot back to
> Lenny but that's a nuisance.

X is not available over chroot. I don't remember doing this but there is
info I 've seen .
Also the ubuntu hal/dbus are not running when you chroot. may be mount /proc
and /sys after chrooting.
chroot environment is not that easy to create, especially when trying to use
X, so I don't think you'll be able to just chroot and run something that
relies on ressources that are not available.
You have to provide all the ressources needed after chrooting. /proc
and /sys will give you some.

good luck

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