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Web page development tools in Lenny?


I recently installed Lenny from scratch on a new HD.  It's time to maintain
some basic web pages, so I went looking for mozilla composer (that I used
before) and found that mozilla is gone from Lenny.  Tried to find a
"composer" feature in iceweasel, but there is none.  Then went searching
on the web.  Found some hits: seamonkey, kompozer/nvu, but none of them
are in Lenny.  I'd like to keep the installation as standard as possible,
so I'd prefer not to have to get non-aptitude packages.  I did find quanta,
so barring a better solution, I'll start using that.  I also saw references
to eclipse, but that seems overkill for simple web pages (if in fact eclipse
can do web pages).

Previously I had found the iceweasel add-on called vimperator.  Not useful
(to me) for the browser, but I thought it would be ideal for a composer-type
application.  I use vi and it would be great to be able to compose web pages
directly with the keystrokes I'm used to, but yet not have to enter html
code by hand.  Is anyone aware of some iceweaser/firefox-compatible app that
could use vimperator?  Any web development app that could be set up in "vi

Thanks for any hints/clues.


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