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new hard drive, reinstalling grub

I'm trying to prepare a bigger hard drive for a system, but I can't
get it to boot.  Can anyone tell me what I've done wrong below,
or what I forgot to do?

Booting a grml cd, I repartitioned the larger drive, first
using the o command to fdisk to create a new blank partition
table (this is a recycled drive).  Then created 4 primary

    part1 for /boot
    part2 for /
    part3 as swap
    part4 for lvm

This is the same scheme as on the old drive except that all
4 partitions are bigger than they were on the old drive. Next,

 *created all the lvm volumes groups and partitions,
 *created ext3 filesystems on the partitions,
 *created the necessary mount points on /, mounted all the
  partitions, then cpio'd everything over from the old drive,
 *ran #grub
   grub> root (hd0,0)
   grub> setup (hd0,0) (this is how the old drive is setup)

System hangs after the message:

    Searching for Boot Record from IDE-0..OK

Do I need to do something to the MBR so that it knows to look
at the Boot Record on hda1?  

This is the second time I've run through the partitioning of
and copying to the new drive.  The first time, not realizing
the MBR contained the partition table as well as boot instructions
I ran:

    dd if=old drive of=new drive bs=512 count=1

which blew away all my partitions.  So how exactly does a booting
system know to go from the MBR to hda1 (as the old disk did).  I
understand the theory of the moves from BIOS to disk to partition
but it hasn't help me figure out the details of stage1 stage1.5
and stage2 of grub, and say the difference between grub-install
and setup from a grub prompt.  Reading the grub man pages has
left me more bewildered than educated, I'm afraid.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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