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Re: Postfix config

On Sun January 25 2009, Jochen Schulz wrote:
> This is only a problem if the OP wants to send mail from his DynDNS
> server. It shouldn't matter when he only wants to receive mail.

( but I have my own domain host, and SMTP is through them right now..)
this might be useful to me when I am on the road and can't send email from a 

E-Mail Forward
MailHop Forward: Dynamically set destinations for incoming messages. Forward 
mail to existing addresses for newly purchased domain names. Discard or tag 
spam and viruses.

E-Mail Relay
MailHop Relay: Relay e-mail traffic to your server without publishing your 
hostname as the DNS MX record. Receive mail on a different port. Hold mail if 
it goes down. Discard or tag spam and viruses at our side and minimize 
traffic to your hardware.

E-Mail Outbound SMTP Relay Server
MailHop Outbound: Securely connect and send e-mail from anywhere (your car, 
hotel or airport) with any device (iPhone and PDA work as well as a laptop or 
desktop computer)

E-Mail Backup MX
MailHop Backup MX: Protect your mail from any problems with your primary MX 
server (outages, network issues, maintenance). Prevent incoming messages from 

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