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Re: [Offtopic?] IRC blocked at school

On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 05:11:44PM -0500, Paul Gupta wrote:
> Michael Pobega wrote:
>> I just got into my new dorm room, only to find out that they block all
>> IRC clients. I find this pretty disheartening since I often lurk on
>> #debian and #debian-eeepc
>> Is there any good way to tunnel or encrypt my data, or something
>> similar? I am looking for something feasible, considering I can't afford
>> to run my own tunnel or proxy.
> Do you have access to an SSH server somewhere?

Nope. I wish I had a blinkenshell account, but I can't actually get into
IRC to get two members to vouch for me. Does anyone know of any good
free/cheap shell services that offer IRC? (I wouldn't mind paying say
$1/month for it, but it'd be preferable not to since I don't have my own


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