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Re: Labeling backup DVD+RW's

On Sat, Jan 10, 2009 at 05:02:17AM EST, Johannes Wiedersich wrote:


> Yes. I partition my external disk with a similar layout as my internal
> disk. I've several times upgraded my laptop with a larger, former usb
> drive by just swapping the disk within the usb housing with the disk
> within the laptop.

Sorry, I forgot to respond to this.

Basically, you are telling me that I got ripped off when I bought a larger
60GB drive for my laptop that I paid some $80.00 or so for, IIRC .. 

I could have bought a 500GB "portable" external USB drive for c. $100.00 ..
possibly less .. opened the case and provided the actual drive was the right
form factor, had holes in the right places so I could secure it to my laptop's
HDD caddy .. and had an IDE connector/interface.. I would have paid my
Gigabytes at a considerably cheaper rate.. and would be a much happier man,
since my 60GB's are already.. gone.

Food for thought!


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