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Re: syslog questions

On Thursday 2009 January 15 10:58:28 Frank McCormick wrote:
>Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
>> On Thursday 2009 January 15 09:09:11 Frank McCormick wrote:
>>> Jan 15 10:00:09 debian dhclient: DHCPREQUEST on eth0 to port
>>> 67 Jan 15 10:00:26 debian dhclient: DHCPREQUEST on eth0 to
>>> port 67 Jan 15 10:01:32 debian last message repeated 4 times
>>> Jan 15 10:02:36 debian last message repeated 6 times
>>> Can anyone tell me what's going on ??
>> Looks like eth0 is sending out a DHCPREQUEST (i.e. requesting an IP from
>> the network) roughly every 10-15 seconds.  Sounds like your local dhclient
>> is misconfigured.
>  Strange because there have been no changes (other than updates) on
>this machine for weeks. And it just started doing this.

It could actually be a change with the DHCP server on the network, it could be 
giving out leases that are already expired or something.  Still, it's 
definitely a DHCP problem.

>The daemon log is being filled with the same stuff.
>the avihi-daemon was just updated and it's still doing the same thing!!

Yeah, avahi does a few things everytime a network connection comes up and goes 
down, DBUS might as well.  It looks like your network connection on eth0 is 
bouncing quite a bit.

You might try restarting the network on the machine.
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