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Two Samba Questions

I've got an Etch box running Samba and sharing out home directories. The relevant section of smb.conf is this:

        workgroup = ACU
        invalid users = root
        browseable = No
        include = /etc/samba/dhcp.conf

        comment = Home Directories
invalid users = root, daemon, bin, sys, lp, smtp, uucp, nobody, sync, games, man, mail, news, proxy, www-data, backup, list, irc, gnats
        valid users = %S
        read only = No
        create mask = 0775
        directory mask = 0775

I've had Macintosh users who have been connecting fine, but one recently upgraded their Mac to Leopard (the most recent version of OS/X), and now can no longer connect. I tested it on another Mac upgraded to Leopard and see the same problem. We can connect with other samba utilities, such as smbclient and smbutil.

After tinkering a bit, I've discovered that if I change the "browseable" setting to "Yes", I can connect.

Question 1:
Does this indicate a bug in the way the new OS/X handles samba connections, or did I have my smb.conf incorrectly configured to begin with? (Shouldn't "browseable" simply mean you can't browse anonymously to the share via the "Network Neighborhood"-type tools?)

Question 2:
As part of my testing, I ran "smbutil view //myserver" as well as "smbclient -L //myserver" and gave the utils my username/password, and both utilities reported a "homes" share as well as a "westk" share, both pointing to "Home directories". Can I assume these are the same share, and that the "westk" share is just an alias to the "homes" share defined in the smb.conf file? If so, is there any official documentation where this is actually stated - where it says specifically that you can connect to a home share with the path "\\server\homes" or with the path "\\server\username"?



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