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Re: Release Cycle

Carl Fink wrote:
> Just jumping in on one small point.
> Doesn't actually make much sense, if you think about it.  If the packages
> are updated by Debian developers, surely that would help Debian to its next
> release, too?  Anyway, IIRC someone posted to this list last year that a
> great number of Ubuntu developers are also the Debian developer for the same
> package.

I was mainly referring to initial package development and Debianesque
changes.  This means that most of the work is done by Debian developers,
leaving less work for the Ubuntu side of things.  I'm not sure about the
relationship/ratio of Debian:Ubuntu developers.  If this is the case, it
means that the developers not only have to work on Debian packages, but
Ubuntu packages as well, giving them less time on their hands due to the
separate release cycles.  I could be wrong...

- Ken

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