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Re: Make it impossible for websites to style forms in Debian Blizzardhawk

Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso wrote :
> Blizzardhawk, Fireweasel, Icewolf, whatever...
> Anyways, the issue is that I modified my GTK+ theme because I like
> dark themes, and on some websites, all the form elements (buttons,
> text boxes, radio buttons, checkmarks), look lovely:
>      http://sums.math.mcgill.ca/~jordi/piccies/exhibit-a.png
> Yeah, they clash with the rest of the website design a little, but
> whatever. I like it that way.
> The problem is that in this modern web of ours, it's a favourite fad
> to use all these fancy colours all over the place and style form
> elements in ways that may look broken and unreadable because they
> clash with our native theme (and since nobody uses light-on-dark
> themes, it's ok to assume that we can use a light-coloured background
> or dark-coloured text when we style our forms, right?):
>      http://sums.math.mcgill.ca/~jordi/piccies/exhibit-b.png
> Basically, I'd like to make it impossible for websites to use colours
> for forms at all, *but only forms*. Of course I can tell Mozilla
> Webarachnid to not use any colours from the webpage at all, but that's
> a bit extreme and monochromatic:
>      http://sums.math.mcgill.ca/~jordi/piccies/exhibit-c.png
> I know that I can probably accomplish what I want by modifying some
> CSS, but there are is so many CSS in various locations that I don't
> know how to actually do it... perhaps with a Stylish theme, or with
> userChrome.css or modify /usr/share/xulrunner-1.9/res/forms.css, or
> what? What I want is for all forms elements to use my Gnome theme,
> regardless of what the website author thinks the form element should
> look like.
> For added bonus, I'd like to accomplish this without the need of root
> privileges.
> Is this possible?
> Thanks in advance,
> - Jordi G. H.

Disclaimer: I am no css expert, not even padawan...

I happen to share your taste for dark themes, and I solved some of my
issues with SandDonkey in /usr/share/xulrunner-1.9/res/forms.css by
basically  hunting for

background-color: -moz-Field;
color: -moz-FieldText;

in the "input", "text area" and "select" fields
and replacing it with the desired values, like

background-color: #ffffff; //-moz-Field;
color: #000000; //-moz-FieldText;

(just an example, this won't necessary fit your theme).

If you're tired of hacking around css you can have a look at the
"Stylish" extension : https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/2108

and the customizable templates themes and styles that goes with on
userstyles.org :



Hope it helps,


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