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Re: ssh-agent without graphical display manager? how?

On Sun,04.Jan.09, 08:55:27, Paul E Condon wrote:
> I'm in the process of converting from nfs to sshfs on my home-grown
> file-server/backup-server computer. This computer does not run Xwindows
> or any other graphical manager. I control it mostly by logging into it
> using ssh.  But when I log in this way, it appears that ssh-agent is
> not started, and consequently, I cannot use ssh-add on it.  I can, of
> course, use ssh-add on my desktop computer, but that is not where the
> private key for the backup server is stored. Has anyone confronted
> this situation and worked out a solution? Advice? 

As far as I recall the manpage of ssh-agent has generic instructions on 
how to start it.

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