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Re: ALSA Config

On Saturday 03 January 2009 19:30, Dean Chester wrote:
> Update: I unloaded alsa with the command: alsa unload. now i can't get it
> to resume as it doesn't load any modules. I think this info might help us
> find a solution. Outputs of commands
> alsa unload:
> debian:~# alsa unload
> /usr/sbin/alsa: Warning: Processes using sound devices: 31575(wish8.5).
> Unloading ALSA sound driver modules: snd-hda-intel snd-mixer-oss snd-pcm
> snd-timer snd-page-alloc (failed: modules still loaded: snd-hda-intel
> snd-mixer-oss snd-pcm snd-timer snd-page-alloc).
> debian:~# alsa unload
> Unloading ALSA sound driver modules: snd-hda-intel snd-mixer-oss snd-pcm
> snd-timer snd-page-alloc.
> I left amsn running by mistake thats why it failed the first time.
> alsa resume:
> debian:~# alsa resume
> debian:~# alsa resume
> debian:~# alsa resume
> As you can see its not loading anything. Hope this helps.
> Dean

Hi Dean.

I havn't played around with alsa unload/alsa resume before, but when you 
reboot, are the alsa modules loaded again (lsmod | grep snd), and is the 
soundcard detected, as when running.
cat /proc/asound/cards

Don't post the output, a yes, or no is ok.

Also please post the output of the following.

cat /proc/asound/version
uname -r
grep ^Codec /proc/asound/card?/codec*

There are some model options for the STAC9228 codec, as listed below. Try them 
out one at a time in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base, and obviously reboot to try 
each one.

   ref  Reference board
   3stack D965 3stack
   5stack D965 5stack + SPDIF
   dell-3stack Dell Dimension E520
   dell-bios Fixes with Dell BIOS setup

The "ref" one is the default, but try the others. The above options are for 
the alsa driver 1.0.17, and also apply to alsa driver 1.0.18a.

Example options line below.

options snd-hda-intel model=3stack

I'm thinking that there may be some slider missing in alsamixer when you boot 
the machine up, but when you run alsaconf, for some reason or other the 
correct mixer elements are displayed in alsamixer, which is why the sounds 
then work.

If you have an earlier kernel installed, try booting with that, as some 
kernels can have problems with sounds.

Just some suggestions from someone trying to help others to get sounds 


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