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kde Lenny testing

Just want to say I have been slowly & patiently waiting for the stable release of 'Lenny".
I have been trying others for fun. I decided tonight to go ahead & download the testing release of the KDE  Lenny. I AM SO GLAD Y'ALL DID NOT USE THE STUPID & PITIFUL 'PULSE AUDIO'.!!
I can actually hear my music with debian! I can also record Streamtuner!!  I know it is not nice to mention names so I will just use the first letter of other distros using Debian repos that really suck on the afore mentioned.  I have tried U, K, UUE & Mint(sorry) And only Mint Records But still cannot adjust volume to hear it good..
I haveused Debian since around 3. I love Debian! It is quick,Understandale, & easy! The Debian install stinks though. No live CD. Takes about 20 min. to install. BUT it is worth it!
Love your KDE version so far! I hope it is on the stable release.
To all the people working on Debian...THANK YOU for the pleasure of being able to use & say that Debian is my desktop!
Thank You,
Sonny Jordan

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