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Re: hard crash on leap second

On 01/01/09 00:25:25, Travis Crump wrote:
> I had a hard crash of my lenny system precisely when the leap second
> was added.  While X has flaked in the past, I've never had a hard 
> crash before.  I have no other evidence they were related, but I 
> wasn't doing anything unusual at the time.  Any ideas?
> Travis

My system, which runs 24 hours a day, also crashed at around, I 
suspect, midnight. I run Testing/Lenny and this machine has been stable 
for a number of years.

The latest entry in any of the logs is in syslog:

Dec 31 23:57:58 dataman1 -- MARK --

There is nothing after that and there is, apparently, nothing untoward 
in the logs.

This morning the machine was totally unresponsive to mouse and 
keyboard. Trying to connect via ssh failed - no route to host and the 
magic sysrq keys had no effect.

The timing does seem to be significant.

Barry Samuels
The Unofficial Guide to Great Britain

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