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Re: Latex to html

Alan L Tyree wrote:
Hello Bela,
I saw your query in the Debian User archives. I'm not a member of the
list, so forgive me answering off-list.

I use tex4ht. It has a number of scripts that convert LaTeX to html as
well as to other formats. It works well even if you have a number of
macros and use non-standard document classes.

Hope this helps.


Have you checked latex2html, it is a good one, unfortunately it is developpement stopped. So I try to find a good replacement. I tried (a year ago ) tex4t and tth, they didn't give me what I hoped and got with latex2html. Llatex2html is very easy to use , it is not the case for the others, I failed to use them correctly.

thanks for any help
best regards

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