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Re: CD1 Lenny on usn pen

On Sat, Dec 20, 2008 at 04:05:25PM +0100, abdelkader belahcene wrote:
> I want to install debian from usb pen install of CD1.
> Is it possible to put the CD1 ( the iso image par exemple ) on the USB pen,
> I suppose that usb is bootable. The problem may occur in the path, since
> from the cd, the installer searches packages in CD, how to redirect to the
> usb.

Read the installation manual (the big document, not the short summary).
For Etch, the instructions were very clear and yes it worked fine.  The
installer seems able to search everywhere necessary.

Note, just in case its not clear, you can't just copy the .iso to the
pen and try to boot it.  You have to use the hd-media kernel and initrd,
with the boot loader.  There should be an image file that you just zcat
to the stick to create, then copy the .iso file to that new filesystem.

Good luck.


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