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Re: nrg2iso

#include <hallo.h>
* steef [Fri, Dec 19 2008, 12:58:35PM]:

> this is the command i used to convert a (nero)file into a readable iso:

Why don't you just NeroLinux then?

> *sudo nrg2iso /home/steef/Desktop/PF2.nrg /home/steef/Desktop/PF3.iso
> it seemed to work,
> and i burnt the result, PF3.iso, onto a dvd
> with # growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/scd0:/home/steef/Desktop/PF3.iso

Try this:

mount foo.nrg /bla -oloop,offset=307200

If you can read the files in /bla directory then you can try to burn
from the intermediate loop device with a command like

wodim -dev=/dev/scd0 -isosize /dev/loopX

You can identify your loop device via "mount | grep loop". Or RTFM of
the losetup command if you don't like the mount command above.

But, as said, I would just use NeroLinux.

> no readable file on the dvd results (tried it three times on a re-writable)

What does "no readable" mean? Can it be mounted?


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