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Re: Java on Debian

2008/12/17 Girish Kulkarni <girish@hri.res.in>:
> 1. What is the Java Runtime Environment?  And the Java Development Kit?

The JRE includes a virtual machine for running Java programs, the JDK
is stuff like the Java compiler and associated programs you need to
build and debug Java code.

> 2. What is my compiler?  My Virtual Machine?

You can choose to use Java's non-free javac compiler (apt-cache search
sun java jdk), gcj, or OpenJDK.

> 3. Are there any free software implementations of Java?

Yeah, gcj and OpenJDK are the big ones. OpenJDK is a fully comformant
implementation of Java and I have not run into any problems with it at
all; it's Sun's official open implementation of Java.

Unfortunately, OpenJDK is too new to be packaged for etch, but you can
try to build it from sources.

- Jordi G. H.

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