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Re: problem with SATA disk, difference between standard kernel and Debian kernel

Aneurin Price wrote:

> On Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 6:58 AM, lee <lee@yun.yagibdah.de> wrote:
>> Anyway, if it's a software problem, it's probably not the module for
>> the particular controller but something else. That people with all
>> kinds of different hardware have this problem supports this theory.
>> Hm, and I haven't seen anyone using Debian reporting it ... Is there
>> anybody here who has seen it?
> This sounds more-or-less like my problem (I'm not using RAID though):
> http://marc.info/?l=linux-ide&m=121475606225101&w=2
> That's not using vanilla or Debian kernels; it's an Ubuntu machine.
> As I mentioned in that thread, I've had this problem with that disk
> and controller pair in two machines. The second is still in use so
> I'm including my uptimes list for it if anyone is interested in the
> length of time it usually takes to manifest. I can live without the
> contents of the disk in question, so I tend to leave it a couple of
> days (maybe even a week) before rebooting if I have any active
> screen sessions with state I don't want to lose.
> The shortest entries are probably reboots for some other reason, but
> I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of them were just times when this
> problem arose more quickly than usual. It *seems* to me to be linked
> with heavy usage, particularly writes, but I'm not convinced this
> isn't coincidence since I haven't any record of how heavily the disk
> is in use. I may well be able to get it to manifest very quickly by
> going back to using NFS, but I haven't tried.

Yes when the machine goes to some higher load I see a reset on the USB bus
and then the disk is dropped.
I'm not sure what exactly causes the problem. I talked to the kernel people,
but they suggested something on the chipset/disk/cable side. Technicians
said that it's possible that this happens because of static electricity,
but still without evidence it's only suggested.
It's interesting to hear that it happens also if not using raid.


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