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Compose key keeps resetting in Gnome?

Hi all,

I upgraded to Lenny a while back, and since then my compose key
setting under Gnome keeps getting reset when I restart.

Under system->Keyboard->Layouts I have selected "USA" with adjustments
made to map meta to the win-keys and to use the menu key as compose.
However, every time I restart X, the menu key reverts to being a menu
key and acting like a right-mouseclick.  If I go to the keyboard
layout options again after restarting X, under "Compose key position"
I see that "menu is compose" is still checked; if I uncheck it,
recheck it, and save changes, it will work as a compose key again for
the rest of the session.  But next session, it's gone, even though the
option is still highlighted on the layout.

After I noticed this problem, I edited xorg.conf in the "InputDevice"
section to add the following line:

        Option          "XkbOptions"    "compose:menu"

However, this seems to have no effect whatsoever.

I have not tested what happens if I change the compose key to
something else and try restarting X (i.e. to determine if it's the
menu key specifically, or if gnome is just eating my compose setting),
but at the end of the day, that's the key I want to use for compose;
pretty much all the remaining others are spoken for.

Has anybody else encountered something like this?


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