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wine sound drops after a few minutes

Hi all

I am using Debian sid, updated daily (except for the kernel, it's
2.6.25). I am playing CS (1.6) on steam using wine for several
years now.

A few weeks ago, I noticed, that the sound mutes after a few
minutes of playing. It always returnes when a mapchange occurs,
so I blamed steam for it.

Now I installed Age Of Mythology (which runs fine out of the
box) and I noticed the same problem.

After playing a few minutes with sound, the sound goes away.
I am using the alsa sound modules (snd_pcm_oss snd_intel8x0 
snd_ac97_codec ...) and the rest of the linux system (except 
wine) still plays sound as usual.

Restarting wine (actually restarting the game) makes the
sound coming back.

The problem occurs with and without a running artsd.

Anyone had this problem and solved it? 

Tnx in advance.


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