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Monitor is going blank

I have a fresh Debian Stable installation that I am trying to use as a informational kiosk.  The only thing I changed from the default installation was to switch from gdm to kdm.  My problem is the screen is going blank after about 10 or 20 minutes of inactivity.  This is what I have tried:

Desktop > Preferences > Power Management:

 Tab - Running on AC

  "Put display to sleep when computer is inactive for: Never"

  "Put computer to sleep when it is inactive for: Never"

 Tab - General

  "Sleep type when inactive: Do Nothing"

Desktop > Preferences > Screensaver

  "Activate screensaver when session is idle" Unchecked

In bash

  xset s 0 ; could not connect to display error message

  xset -dpms ; could not connect to display error message

  setterm -blank 0 ; took command but nothing happened

This is on an old Dell Optiplex GX280 system.  I went into the bios but I could not see anything that would be causing the video display to go blank.

Does anybody have any ideas how I can keep the monitor screen from blanking?  I want it to be on all the time.




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