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Re: Strange "news" problem

Jan Willem Stumpel escreveu:
> Icedove, which I use for mail and news, does not download headers
> from subscribed newsgroups anymore. On the 29th of November it
> still worked fine; I received some message headers (only a
> handful) dated November 30; nothing since then.
> The news server belongs to my ISP, but they say nothing has
> changed and they got no other complaints about this. In fact when
> I try another newsreader (pan), new message headers continue to be
> retrieved normally.
> So it really seems to be an Icedove problem. Even deleting the
> news account and setting it up afresh does not produce any
> messages after November 30.
> I update/upgrade Sid regularly, but Icedove has not been upgraded
> since October.

Try with another profile (icedove -ProfileManager should let you create
another, or move the .mozilla/thunderbird/ directory out of the way
temporarily) to see if the problem still persists with a clean profile.

Eduardo M Kalinowski

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