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Re: receive system mail into inbox?

On Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 10:45:28AM EST, Michael Pobega wrote:


> I'd like to do the same thing as the OP, but I'm using Mutt and I
> don't know how to configure it for two accounts --

mutt lets you navigate your local file system looking for mbox's..
maildir's .. and display their contents in its index .. and the contents
of individual messages in its pager.

you do not configure it for "accounts" .. 

try the following when in mutt:

. hit the 'c' key .. gives you a "Chdir to:" prompt
. hit CTRL+u .. clears whatever "dir" was there by default
. type in /var/
. use arrow keys to navigate to the mail directory 
. hit <enter>
. use arrow keys to navigate to you "mylogin" (whatever) mbox
. hit <enter>
. use arrow keys to navigate to whatever message you want to read
. hit <enter>
. hit the 'c' key
. hit the '?' key as prompted
. navigate to the "../" entry 
. hit <enter>

.. etc.

iow .. with just a few keystrokes you can navigate your entire
filesystem looking for mail files or mail directories and process them.

AFAIK .. mutt also has some additional functionalities where you can
directly browse internet mail via POP or IMAP .. 

you would just use:


instead of /../.. directories..

.. but with a different syntax, you would pretty much go through the
same motions anyway..

. hit the 'c' key
. CTRL+u to clear .. as above
. enter "pop://myaccount@mail.example.org"


. enter "imap://myaccount@mail.example.org"

Same motions .. i.e. the url's above become in a sense.. "extensions" of
your local files sytem .. hey .. I'm not a mutt expert and that's the
way I see it.


In any case, I use fetchmail+procmail to download/filter/sort all my
internet mail into directories on my local machine .. prior to "mutting"
it .. and in any case, I guess I would probably choose to use a web
browser and my provider's webmail rather than mutt, if I _absolutely_
had to access my mail through anything other than my home machine.

Hope this helps.



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