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Re: Possible DNS issue in Debian/Lenny?

On Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 02:55:12AM -0600, Mike Chorak wrote:
> I'm having a rather annoying problem. It seems when I try to navigate to  
> www.facebook.com, in either Iceweasel or Epiphany, the browser will  
> sometimes hang for upwards of 30 seconds, until it finally navigates to  
> the site. After this delay, I can surf the site for maybe a minute or so  
> before it hangs again. This problem only occurs in Debian/Lenny, because  
> I attempted surfing in Vista with no problems whatsoever. Has anyone had  
> any issues like this? I thought maybe avahi could've been causing it but  
> I tried disabling the daemon and the problem still remains. Any help  
> would be appreciated!

A more direct test of name resolution (which does not necessarily have to 
be DNS) is:

  getent hosts www.facebook.com

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