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Re: /var/log growing rapidly

On Wed November 19 2008, s. keeling wrote:
> >  I did a CTRL-ALT-F9 earlier that day, thinking I was switching to my
> > OTHER user logged in, and those lines were on the screen, instead of the
> > gdm login
> syslogd may be configured to send messages to that pty also.  It's a
> common prctice and probably not sinister.

I just looked through /etc/syslog.conf, and I didn't see anything about a 
99.999% of the lines were comments.. except for this:
# The named pipe /dev/xconsole is for the `xconsole' utility.  To use it,
#    $ xconsole -file /dev/xconsole [...]
	*.=notice;*.=warn	|/dev/xconsole

so... what is xconsole?

Paul Cartwright
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