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Re: multicast arp

Can anyone point me at another group that might be able to help ?


On 16/11/2008, at 10:33 AM, Grant Maxwell wrote:

Hi Folks

This is my first posting to the list so smack me if i muck up :).

I am trying to assign an multicast mac address. My environment is:

(cat /proc/version)
Debian Linux version 2.4.27-3-386 (pbuilder@dl360-g3) (gcc version 3.3.5 (Debian 1:3.3.5-13)) #1 Thu Sep 14 08:44:58 UTC 2006

This is runnning on an ESXi vmware virtual machine.

The use of multicast mac addresses is new for me and so I may very well be just doing it wrong. I have searched a lot but not found a resolution.

I have two machines setup the same with just the ip address and hostname being different. I want to assign a multicast mac address to each machine but get an error message.

I have tried a number of ways including (with each result)

ifconfig eth0 add 01:00:5e:01:01:84
01:00:5e:01:01:84: Resolver Error 0 (no error)

ifdown eth0 ; ifconfig eth0 hw ether 01:00:53:01:01:84 ; ifup eth0
SIOCSIFFLAGS: Invalid argument	
SIOCSIFFLAGS: Invalid argument
Failed to bring up eth0.

I can assign other addresses no problem - its just when I try to assign a multicast range address that the problem occurs.

Can anyone help please ?


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