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Re: FW: Network card installaion

On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 10:22:48AM +0200, Ashour Malaeb wrote:
> > I have a HP Proliant ML150 G5 Server. I installed debian server on it but
> > the debian could not recognize the network card. I was trying to install
> it
> > manually but the problem is that the package in the CD is ".src.rpm" so I
> > was trying to convert to ".deb" file to be able to install on the server
> > since the server has no internet connection on it so I can not download
> any
> > package from the internet to use. Any other suggestions? 
> (Or, if it is what I think it is, you have Broadcom NetXtreme II network
> cards (check lspci) and you need either 2.6.18 or if you are using a
> later kernel the firmware-bnx2 package from non-free.)

With your debian CD, you should be able to install a minimal system
without the NIC.  If you have CD1 (or DVD1) all the better because then
you've got more packages that you can install before you need the NIC.

Once you have a basic system, you can then get what debs you need with
another box and sneakernet (floppy, USB stick, CD, whatever) them into
the target box and install them with dpkg.

Of course, if you have a serial port on that box, and/or a modem, you
can use dialup (or ppp link to a computer with internet) and get the
debs directly.


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