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Re: iPod Nano

Btw, my iPOD problems are solved. I have recompiled gtkpod source code with libmp4v2. Now I'm able to copy mp3, mp4 videos, photos etc.

Thanks for your help.
- Jos Collin

On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 7:43 AM, Mitchell Laks <mlaks@post.harvard.edu> wrote:
On 08:29 Sat 30 Aug     , Terence wrote:
> I've just been given a 2Gb Silver Nano, and although I can copy and
> delete files on it (using usb connection and Konqueror in Lenny on AMD
> 64) I have two problems:
> 1. A mount point is created every time I plug it in ( /media/IPOD,
> /media/IPOD_ , /media/IPOD__ etc.) and even as root I cannot remove
> them. Root doesn't have the permissions apparently, although the owner
> and group for these.
> 2. I cannot "see" the file transferred to the stand-alone Ipod, but
> Amorok both sees and plays them when it is plugged in.

I also can transfer files to my silver ipod nano (generation 3 with 4G ),
however, I also cannot play the set of mp3 files (that are school lectures)
via the nano.

meaning that when i look at it in


i see a number of directories
f00 f01 f02 f03 f04 f05

and i see the following

ls f00
gtkpod041026.mp3  gtkpod288554.mp3  gtkpod561552.mp3  gtkpod783926.mp3
gtkpod224305.mp3  gtkpod295222.mp3  gtkpod742088.mp3  gtkpod799348.mp3
gtkpod255692.mp3  gtkpod529503.mp3  gtkpod776322.mp3

where these were created via gtkpod.

However I see nothing listed in the music database. How can I use
the ipod software to select and listen to them on the ipod?

I can play them using gqmpeg when i am plugged in, but that is not the same thing...


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