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Re: How to send tunes to MP3 player?

Michael Pobega wrote the following on 11/16/2008 03:36 PM:
On Sun, Nov 16, 2008 at 03:29:23PM -0600, Dennis Wicks wrote:

Is there a program on Debian/lenny that will send/write tunes onto an MP3 player? It is one of those little ones that you plug into a USB port. On windows we use Win. Media Player but haven't found anything shat seems to work on Debian yet.


We're going to need more information before we can help you -- Does the
mp3 player have a brand name? Is it a mount'n'drop? Or does it need some
sort of proprietary tool like iTunes?

Michael, et al,

The device is a Sandisk model Sansa Clip. On Windows it works with Windows Media Player with no special software or tools so I would guess that there should be something similar in linux that it would work with.


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