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Re: Question about files when installing Debian

On Tue,11.Nov.08, 23:20:08, Camilo Masso Quiceno wrote:
> Hi, I appreciate you could help me with this.
> I'm a windows user but after reading and hearing other people talking 
> about  the great performance you can get from your machine with 
> GNU/Linux, I've been considering installing Debian operating system, 
> but I still have one doubt. I'm aware that I can install in my pc the 
> two operating systems but what about the files that I already have in 
> my hard disk? Will I be able to manage them (opening, editing, etc.) 
> simultaniously with windows and debian? or Is there any special 
> procedure?
Depends. What filesystems do you use (FAT or NTFS?) and what kind of 
files are these (.wav, .doc, ...)?

You might want to try Debian Live first. It runs completely standalone 
from a CD and allows you to test Debian without touching your existing 
setup. (Note: the performance will not be quite the same as CD drives 
are slower than hard disks).

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
(Albert Einstein)

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