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Re: i386 to amd64

Hey Boyd,

Putting back the discussion on the list. =)

Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. escreveu:
On Sunday 09 November 2008 21:03, Vinicius Massuchetto wrote:
Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. escreveu:
Looks like mangle doesn't like the (a) the system it is running on or (b)
your lists of Packages.  I'm betting (b).  Are you using any apt "deb"
sources other than the official repositories?  It's possible one of them
is using a package name that doesn't fit mangle's expectations.
Here's my /etc/sources.list

vinicius@vinicius:~$ cat /etc/apt/sources.list
deb http://ftp.br.debian.org/debian/ unstable main contrib non-free

Should be safe.

deb http://download.tuxfamily.org/shames/debian-sid/desktopfx/unstable/ ./

Maybe this one.

deb http://ftp.br.debian.org/debian-multimedia/ unstable main

Should be safe.

deb http://wine.sourceforge.net/apt/ binary/

Should be safe.

deb http://dl.google.com/linux/deb/ testing non-free

Maybe this one.

How can I find out where ia32-libs-tools is coming from?

apt-cache policy ia32-libs-tools

vinicius@vinicius:~/.cache/apt$ apt-cache policy ia32-libs-tools
  Instalado: 11
  Candidato: 11
  Tabela de versão:
 *** 11 0
        500 http://ftp.br.debian.org unstable/main Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

As you said, not really the issue.

But, that's not really the issue. As part of the postinst script, it reads all your downloaded packages files (/var/lib/apt/lists/*_Packages) -- one of those files is causing /usr/lib/ia32-libs-tools/mangle to crash.

Emptied my apt cache. Same problem.

You might see if /usr/lib/ia32-libs-tools/mangle exists on your system (I think it does) and run each package list through it individually. You should be able to isolate the bad ones that way.

Yes, it does in fact exist.

Nice! I disabled the other repos and it seems everything installed well.

Vinicius Andre Massuchetto

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