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Re: What is the point of RAID?

On Sat, Nov 08, 2008 at 02:06:27PM +1000, Julian De Marchi wrote:
> > The installer does not allow / (root), /boot or swap to be part of a
> > RAID array.  I consequently had to put them in only one of these hard
> > drives as "ordinary" partitions, along with /tmp.
> I also found etch not to allow this. Lenny however has the newer grub
> which can boot of a mdXX device. :)

Funny, I'm running Etch with everything on raid1 and all but /boot on
LVM over top of it, right out of Etch's installer.  I have swap
encrypted and mount /tmp on tmpfs: it means access is as fast as memory
until something hits swap (very rarely happens).

> However, unexplained is, you have to manually install grub to each
> device in the raid. I fell for this, when HDD caddies killed two
> devices in my raid, I replaced the drives, and upon reboot got that
> dreaded flashing cursor. Thats how I discovered you have to install
> grub to each drive in the array.

grub-install works on block devices.  It has no way of knowing if the
block device to which you point is is a raid array.  The bios looks for
something to boot on a hard drive, it doesn't know if its part of a raid
array either.  These both suggest that grub would have to be manually
installed on both/add drives' MBRs.


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