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Re: Software For Book Writing

On 11/06/08 19:04, TW wrote:

I'm going to be writing a political book soon and I'm not sure what software to use to write it.

I want to use something like Vim to write it, but, I want to be able to convert it to OpenOffice/MicrosoftWord, etc. format(s). The reason that I want to use something like Vim is because I'd be able to make a more censored version of the book on the fly for certain people to download (underagers, for instance). I thought that latex would be what I needed, but I'm not sure. I thought DocBook, but isn't that for documentation? I need something that goes the whole nine yards, The Little Brown Handbook style (footnotes, etc.). Thanks for the help.

OOo has "conditional text based on a user-defined Variable". That may do what you want.

Otherwise, try Lyx.

By the way, you guys get first dibs on the book (it'll be free, free as in "free beer"). I'm planning on writing a section on free software.

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