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Re: X-Window on HP ProLiant ML110

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On Thu, Nov 6, 2008 at 1:37 AM, Florian Kulzer  wrote:
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> It should still be possible to specify you desired resolution(s) in
> the Screen section of xorg.conf like this:
> Section "Screen"
>      Identifier      "Default Screen"
>      Monitor         "Configured Monitor"
>      DefaultDepth    24
>      SubSection "Display"
>              Depth       24
>              Modes       "1280x1024" "1024x768" "800x600"
>      EndSubSection
> EndSection
> If you specify more than one resolution, like in my example above, then
> you can switch between them by holding down CTRL and ALT and using the
> plus or minus key on the numerical keypad. If you have an LCD screen
> with a fixed number of pixels then you should use exactly the matching
> resolution. If your graphics card cannot support your desired resolution
> then you might have to decrease the Depth from 24 to 16.

Yup, I think my VGA card only support 16 colour depth. And I am using LCD.

> If you want to be on the safe side then you can furthermore look up the
> acceptable horizontal and vertical frequency ranges for your monitor (do
> not just copy the values that I give in the example below!) and add them
> to the monitor section like this:
> Section "Monitor"
>        Identifier      "Configured Monitor"
>        HorizSync       31-80
>        VertRefresh     56-75
>        DisplaySize     335 270
> EndSection
> HorizSync is in kHz, VertRefresh is in Hz. The DisplaySize is width and
> height in millimeters; it is not absolutely necessary that you specify
> it, but it can help to avoid inconsistencies with the sizes of fonts.

Ok, Florian. Thank's a lot for your hint. I'll let others know the
result later when I'm done testing with new xorg.conf configuration.

Zaki Akhmad

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