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Re: Very slow bind 9

On Thu, 6 Nov 2008, Julian De Marchi wrote:

It uses them to determine the NS for the domain name you want. to run
bind at its quickest, using your own root zone can help.

That makes sense.  By default "." is type hint.

I aggregate a root zone to run on my name servers. You may grab the
zone if you would like to give it a try. slave '. zone from

Can you share the aggregation script ?

I haven't looked at opennic since my last cross-country move - maybe 'tis time to re-investigate

zone "." IN{

Once this done, you will have no need to forward to your ISP.
Hope that helps!

But he is exposed if your master ever moves, or you quit allowing
remote access (even axfr) traffic to the zone ;)

This seems like a very useful idea, and would benefit even ISP traffic
if they provide a similar service.

Rick Nelson
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either clueless newbies who will have trouble even with tar, or they are
rabid do-it-yourselfers who wouldn't install someone else's pre-compiled
binary even if they were paid to do it."

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