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Re: bandwidth control

On Monday 03 November 2008, Phillipus Gunawan <mr_phillipus@yahoo.com> 
wrote about 'bandwidth control':
>I am looking a (debian) package to control bandwidth for my network
>So far, the best candidate from googling is IPCop, which I havent try it
> yet.

I do bandwidth shaping using tc directly.  You might want to read the Linux 
Advanced Routing and Traffic Control HOWTO.  I also use and recommend 
using iptables directly for your firewall and ip for any special routing 

I've also fiddled with existing Shorewall installations, and it seems quite 
usable, although I still prefer the more direct, low-level interfaces.  

tc and ip are part of the iproute package.
iptables is its own package.
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