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Re: java plugin

On Wed, 05 Nov 2008 15:41:03 +0100
Jan Willem Stumpel <jstumpel@planet.nl> wrote:

Hello Jan,

> Thanks!

You're welcome.

> I *think* that has already been done by apt-get. The only
> difference seems to be that you have java-6-sun- while I
> have java-6-sun-

Ah, I see was insufficiently explicit, sorry.  The link is made in
~/.mozilla/plugins/ rather than the links already created by the
installation of the .deb package.

> update-binfmts: warning: current package is openjdk-6, but binary
> format already installed by sun-java6

I've not seen such a warning, not haiving both packages installed, so
can't really help there, sorry.

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