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Re: When stability is pointless

Johannes Wiedersich (2008-11-05 11:31 +0100) wrote:

> Sam Kuper wrote:
>> Ubuntu has LTS (Long-Term Support) releases, which roughly translate
>> to Stable.
> Yes, but IIRC it is still based on debian sid. Ie. it never
> transitioned debians unstable - testing - stable queue. IIRC it just
> means that the developers made a commitment to extend security
> support. (I hope someone will correct me, if I'm wrong)

That's correct. Ubuntu's LTS (long-term support) releases are "stable"
in the sense that they don't change and are supported (i.e., security
and some bug fixes) for longer time than regular releases. In that sense
they are roughly similar to Debian stable.

But, as you said, Ubuntu's LTS releases are still based on Debian Sid
and the development and testing process does not differ (in essence)
from Ubuntu's regular releases. Perhaps they freeze a bit earlier but
it's still tied to the 6-month cycle and not "release when it's ready"
thinking. In that sense LTS releases are no more "stable" than any
Ubuntu release.

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