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Re: Hunting a Math Application

On Mon, 3 Nov 2008 09:01:37 -0600
"Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso" <jordigh@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi.
> 2008/11/3 Micha <michf@post.tau.ac.il>:
> > you can also always get a free matlab compatible matlab from bittorrent ;-)
> I have strong opinions as to why this is not a viable solution:
>      http://everything2.com/title/mathematica+and+free+software

It was meant as a joke, that's why the smiley is there.

And as for your post I only partly agree with it. Yes, it would be nice if it
would be completely free, but also software development costs money, and you
see where the free projects stand with relation to the costly ones.

I don't really use mathematica so I don't know much about it, but at least with
matlab, for a lot of the important mathematical functions it gives you
references to what algorithms it's implementing. What they don't give you is
their optimization and source code .

By the way, again for mathematica, there are a lot of open source libraries
that you can use to achieve the same goal. Some of them are actually used for
mathematica. The main thing that they are selling you is actually the user

> Cheers,
> - Jordi G. H.

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