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Re: dfsg, needs explanation

Umarzuki Mochlis wrote:
/License must not be specific to Debian, basically a reiteration of the last point/

what does "reiteration of the last point" really means.

Umarzuki Mochlis

An iteration is one complete cycle of a process.[0] A "reiteration" is repeating the same thing again. So it is saying, "I told you, and now I'm telling you again."

Mark Allums

[0] The process make make some progress toward a goal. Iteration is more like an evolution, perhaps like the climbing of a ladder, one rung at a time. It's opposite might be, depending on context, like jumping off of the roof, all in one go, a revolution. Iteration might have a slightly different meaning in a different context. A for() loop is generally regarded as an iterative thing. An example of an entirely different process would be a recursive function. CS 101 lesson for the day. :)

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