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voice chat or calls between two computers without any server in between


This is something I am not familiar with and I may not be even using the
right words.

I am wondering if there is a tool to do voice calls or chat between two
machines on the internet without having to use any intermediate server.

One machine is my own, Debian Testing or Unstable, and the other machine
is a Ubuntu Hardy or Debian Testing half a world away. What we would
like is to do a voice chat between two users and, ideally, the voice
session going through an SSH tunnel. SSH tunnel will be preferred
because the other computer is behind a firewall and may not have any
exotic ports forwarded, or even allowed going out without asking an
administrator to change firewall rules, for some chat applications.

Can Ekiga to this? I have an ekiga account but haven't really used it
for any talks yet. But it appears to need a server (same as Yahoo or gtalk).

Any inputs regarding this will be appreciated.

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