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Skype4Py and skysentials packages available

I put together Debian packages for Skype4Py [1] and skysentials [2].  The
later allows the Skype user to send SMS through an intuitive GUI based on
python-gtk2.  SMS sending is possible in Skype 3.* but this version is not
available for Linux.

The packages are apt-getable at:


These unofficial packages are intended for Debian unstable, but should also
work on testing (lenny).

Note that you must have Skype installed and running in order to use
skysentials to send SMS.  Get the Debian package for Skype from their
download area [3].

[1] https://developer.skype.com/wiki/Skype4Py
[2] http://www.kolmann.at/philipp/linux/skysentials/
[3] http://skype.com/download/skype/linux/choose/


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