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Integrated hardware benchmark tools


Debian repo contains many stress and benchmark tools. Some of them have 
duplicated functionalities. So I guess not everyone knows how to pick 
from those packages to form the most comprehensive hardware benchmark 
tool kit, when you're buying a new computer or checking an old one. 

If the problem baffles you as well, please join me petitioning DDs to 
provide an integrated hardware benchmark kit, that can check everything 
that open source benchmarking tools can check. 

I know the hardest part might be to define "the best of open source 
benchmarking" tools set. Luckily, according to an article that I stumbled 
upon recently [1], this is done, by the Inquisitor testing platform [2].

The Inquisitor testing platform is a set of shell scripts that wraps 
around the best of open source benchmarking tools such as Bonnie++, 
IOzone, UnixBench, and BYTEmark. The current Inquisitor, version 3.0, 
contains "25 tests and benchmarks for testing hardware devices such as 
processors, hard disks, and removable devices like USB and CD drives."

I hope that we can have such integrated hardware benchmark toolkits soon. 
What do you say?


1. http://www.linux.com/feature/149774
2. http://www.inquisitor.ru/

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