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Re: digital forensics - recovering images from a memory card with trashed file system

Micha a écrit :
After my camera died on a recent trip I bought a new one (nikon s52 if it
helps). Due to some bug and bad timing on button presses the camera trashed the
file system somehow. Based on the number of images it can write to disk it
seems that the images are still there, but what I see under the directory is
some directories with trashed file names that can't be used and some files with
a size of 1TB that are junk (on a 2GB card).

I'm looking for a way to rescue the images (jpegs) if possible. I tried rstudio
under windows but it only found some AVIs but not the images (at least using
the basic settings).

Are there any programs (linux, windows or mac) that may be able to recover the
images, or any other way to do it?

It was a new (and formated) card so that there is a chance that the images
written in some order but I don't know enough about this hardware.

The card is a 2GB transcend  secure digital (sd)



with Linux I guess Tesdisk and Photorec are your best bet, photorec did a great job for me once. With windows and Mac I guess products from diskinternals.com and prosofteng.com can do a similar job through a nice gui, but they don't come for cheap.
If you want win/mac freeware just have a look on softpedia.com.


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