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Re: .bash_aliases setup

2008/10/26 zhuzhixin <zhuzhixin@realss.com>:
> GI_Mike - Herman von Mandel wrote:
>> Greetings to the list!
>> Apparently I am missing something which is frustrating me a bit. I have a user account on a Debian Etch system which is needing some additional aliases and rather than muck around with .bashrc, I would rather the aliases be placed in ~/.bash_aliases.
>> The user created aliases within a ~/.bash_aliases file having a permission setting of 600. I then removed the comments from ~/.bashrc allowing for this file to be read.
>> After a source .bashrc, . ~/.bash_aliases, the user logging out and logging back in, and a complete reboot - this file is still not being read as aliases are coming back as unknown commands.
>> This should be a fairly straight forward and easy task to accomplish. Below are the snippets:
> I think the file .bash_aliases need permission to execute. For when you
> open a terminal, it invoke ~/.bashrc which will invoke .bash_aliases.
> Hope this will be help.

I think it is a different issue - sourcing (the . command in bash)
does not require execute permission. The problem is that bash just
loads and runs the aliases file, so each alias line still needs to be
formatted like a bash command: e.g.
alias ls='ls --color'

Try putting "alias" at the beginning of each of your aliases to see if
that works, otherwise it is probably just setting env variables


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