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Re: security question

Emanoil Kotsev wrote:
Bogdan wrote:

Paul Johnson wrote:
Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
On Sat, Oct 18, 2008 at 07:51:38PM +0300, Bogdan wrote:
Although I don't like it, the bank i work with only offers Internet
Banking that works only under Internet Explorer. So, unfortunately, if
I want to check out my account I see myself obliged to boot Windows :(.
know that IE can be installed through wine but no one  seems to
guaranty safety... Would IE installed on my Debian be less safe than
the one running in it's native environment? If yes, why would that be
I wouldn't trust IE to do banking in any event.

Actually, I don't trust any internet banking.  I go to the bank, the
bank's machine, or I phone them.
I don't even trust ATMs if they run Windows.  Which pretty much
eliminates the possibility of me ever banking with Bank of America or
Wells Fargo.

Hey guys,

Thanks for your answers!
Although i really like my bank, I considered switching because of this
reason, but as far as I can tell, there is only one bank in Romania that
offers Internet Banking with Firefox :(, and I don't like it.
I'm thinking on mailing my bank on the issue... but I guess it won't
make any difference.
Oh well... a lot of people still think Linux is some fruit and Firefox
some weird animal :).

Best regards,

You can go with this issue to the EU commission and complain. I think the
right way is first to complain or search for help at the bank and make it
clear that you do not have alternatives then search for help from your
local consumer protection and rights organisation, however it might be
called in english or romanian and if they don't respond then write to the
commission that you are being blackmailed to use windows.

Unbelievable the story - and we are in the 21. century

thumbs up



Andrei, I didn't know that Unicredit Tiriac works with Firefox, I was meaning ING :D.

Emanoil, my bank is a Romanian one, Transilvania Bank, so I'm guessing you might not have heard of it :). But this Internet Explorer issue is not a singular case, I can name a lot of other banks that only support IE. This is stupid! Any decent web developer would make his app work at least with IE, Firefox and Safari ( my opinion )! I really don't understand why these, let's face it, hugely funded internet banking applications restrict you to the weakest browser in the market. The guys developing them are paid big time and still they assume everybody uses the same crap and also they manage to fool the banks into believing them! Sad... :)

Best regards,

ing. Bogdan MARIAN
Timisoara, ROMANIA
E-mail: bogdan.dumitru.marian@gmail.com
E-mail: mendingo84@gmail.com

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