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Re: Gnome turns everything root

Slim Joe wrote:
I want to make my Debian system more Ubuntu-like,
which means doing sudo or sudo-like system
administration. However when I enter my user password to
run update-manager every program in my Gnome menu that
requires root-level privileges is authenticated. That is I
can run without typing my password menu items like "Nmap
(as root)" or "EtherApe (as root)". Other than having sudo
time out after 1 second, is there a fix for this such
that only that one Gnome program I want to use as root
(update-manager in this case) is granted root access.

Gnome gives the option of remembering the state of the current user vis-a-vis superuser authentication. Right now, you have authenticated once that session as root, so you don't need to again.

Try logging out and back in. If it is working, you have to authenticate as root again (unless you saved the pw in the keyring, which is bad IMO, then you never have to authenticate as root again under that username).

This is a configurable option. You can turn it off. (I forget how at the moment. I suppose it's something under the System menu. You'll figure it out. Or, if not, bring it back to the list. Someone will know.)

Mark Allums

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