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Re: virtual private server? advice requested

Reid Priedhorsky wrote:
> 5. Cheap, ideally in the $10-15/mo range.

    This will be the hardest part.  Most in the $10-$15 range won't have
enough RAM to do the things you want or disc space that you desire.  $20/month
is a closer price point.

    Personally I've gotten VMs from tektonik.com(?)/unixshell.com and now
vpsland.com.  I cannot recommend the first two.

    Unixshell is their Xen offering which they abandoned quite a while ago.
I'm not sure if they restarted that offering but the fact they were so ready
to let it go has soured me on them forever.

    Tektonik (I think that's the name) uses Virtuosso for their VMs.  No swap
and tiny RAM makes for a very unhappy install.

    VPSLand is ok.  Not great.  Their customer support site is not the best,
nor is their billing.  However I rarely ever have to contact them.  They offer
Xen with pretty much every major Linux distro.  Reasonable prices.  I run
Apache/Exim/SA on their 256Mb VM which gives me ~8Gb of hard drive space.  No
problems at all.  I think I'm paying just shy (or barely over) $20/month.

    As for Google-fu I would recommend searching on "Xen Debian".  The last
time I tried that there were no shortage of hits.

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