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Re: Iceweasel+flashplugin-nonfree: 100% CPU usage with some flash/swf embedded videos or animations

Just manually install the latest Flash 9 from Adobe. The one in non-free has got a known bug.


Oliver Herold

On Mon, 13 Oct 2008, Nicolas BERCHER wrote:


I often have 100% CPU usage when I visit "full-of-flash-web sites" (fortunately, I run on a dual core CPU!) It depends on the site I visit: on myspace, this is horrible (yes myspace has horrible page layouts and people abuse on flash gadgets...), on other sites this is OK.
So I configured adblock to block picture slide shows and so on.

But my question is: is this just because the flashplugin-nonfree is so badly coded for in its Linux version or can I tune anything to get it working better?


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